Sunday, July 23, 2017

Runner on Hold

Being fit, healthy, or physically sound is on many people's to do list. Sadly most of the time that's where it stays. Making the time commitment to accomplishing this is not easy. It does mean forgoing other thing you would probably rather be doing. Personally I am not a model of health but I try. My muscles are happy when they get to move and giddy when they go beyond their limits.

Truth be told, I hate running. I decided to try it because other forms of exercise weren't giving me the results I desired. Whether 30 minutes or 2 hours, running is a full body workout. My body is awkward and clumsy so my form is poor, but a work in progress. I grew up playing team sports and
relying on support and encouragement from teammates. Running is independent. You are out there pounding the pavement for you. No one else can cross the finish line for you when running. There is no scoreboard except the personal ones we create. It's so different to be in my own head. Admittedly, many days I have stopped running and just walked my mileage. Not proud of it (hey, it's still exercise), but proof that in individual sports one is responsible for one's successes and failures.

With 2 small kids, I fit in exercise when I can. I mix up what I do out of necessity. A trip to the park can mean pull ups, push ups, etc. A game of twister can substitute for yoga...just be creative!

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