Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adulting is Hard

Admit it, there are times when parenting is hard and doing this adult thing is for the birds. The kids have clothes on(mostly) and Cheetos are acceptable for breakfast, right? I mean 5am is super early and those bill things need to be paid?? Yes, this season of life is one that we might be tempted to muddle through, but don’t let the little moments pass you by.

In the grand scheme of the few years we are given on this earth, these years are special. We get to shape another human; their character, their personality, their soul. That person is a gift from God that doesn’t come with an instruction book but, God gives us tools and if we just leave them in our tool belt, the potential our children rise to could quite possibly suffer.

Whether a parent in the working world or a stay at home extraordinaire, you can be that PTA mom, take that art class, go to those soccer games, talk to other parents…explore the little opportunities in front of you and new, exciting doors might open. Being a grown up is full of responsibility and schedules. Getting caught up in busyness is easy to do. Filling our time in the right way is key.

I understand, Family time gets pushed by the wayside and is replaced with this lesson and that sleepover. As a parent, I am guilty of overscheduling. I have found that our family functions better as a whole and is genuinely happier when we are together. A huge solution to a lot of busyness is just saying NO. Finding that magical balance isn’t easy, (let me know if you ever do find it). As adults, we may not be just down the hall from mom and dad to ask advice, but ask a trusted friend, read a book on the subject, see what Grandmas take is; options are out there for help with this adulting thing.

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