Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finding One's Purpose

We all have a calling in life. When I went looking for mine, I thought this would be easy. My thinking was that it would just magically appear in front of me and be in black and white, spelling out, “You were made to be……”.

No such luck! I started searching, looking for signs, reading books on the topic, skimming articles and still no result…no black and white answer appeared. My brain was having a hard time processing the fact that Google could not answer my question. Finally, I sought out wise counsel from a seasoned lady at church. I went on and on explaining my search for purpose and a label to my calling. Missionary, teacher, chef, writer, …. How does a person know when they have found the perfect fit?

She said, “God speaks and we need to BE STILL to hear Him.”. A great reminder that you and I can learn so much more about ourselves, others, and the world if you just shut your mouth and listen. I needed to hear this. My searching was creating too much noise and I wasn’t listening to God.

So, once I started listening... and I mean REALLY listening, it started to appear. Foggy at first, but I began to see it. When the noise around me became less, it became more. The laughter, the smiles, the Cheeto dust smeared on the wall, the boo-boos, and the stories.
Mom. That's it.

My purpose in this season of my life is to be Mom. These 3 simple letters hold so much purpose and power. Sadly, this calling is so often over looked just like I had passed over it. The everyday tasks became second nature like breathing. I was not appreciating the significance of the little things. Once I was able to BE STILL, I understood. The fog lifted. This was the it that I had been searching for. As seasons change, this purpose might also and that’s ok.

In today’s world, if you want to know something, access to find it is at your fingertips. Except this. Finding one’s purpose can’t be found by asking Google or following the latest trends. It is a personal search within. It’s not easy to put a label on, but the feeling of contentment in your soul will let you know when you have found it.


  1. Amen! And the season of "just being a mom" is so precious! I remember that season of my life, and I found it was possibly the most Joyous season that God gifted me with! Now God has given me another season of life and He is showing me great and mighty things, and I look forward to the things I learn in this season and I love the intimacy with Our Father in Heaven each day, as He continues to grow me and guide me. Thank you for sharing. It is truly all about being Still and Listening and submitting to Our Father in Heaven. Too many souls are noisy! I love it when God quiets my soul with His Holy Spirit and His Promises, His Truth, His Word. May God bless you as you journey with the LORD.