Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Being a Preschool Mom

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Show and tell, snack time, play dates, book fairs. It all sounds easy, right? Being a preschool mom is all that and literally a bag of chips (usually Cheetos). There are so many thoughts a mom has when taking her little one to preschool:
-Are they making friends?
-Do they play well with others?
-How much paint is acceptable to consume?
-Have they told any of our odd family tales to their teachers?
I could go on and on for days…. But it’s the thoughts that aren’t about the kids that I think of:
-She must go to exercise class after dropping her kid off
-She must go home and cook homemade organic vegan dinners
-She must actually shop her Pinterest boards, because damn she looks cute today.

I’m standing to the side of the room in my oatmeal slathered t-shirt, jeans with fresh boogers on them and my hair in a ponytail that could rival a bird’s nest. This is real life. My thoughts, sadly, are what society is pushing them to be. Do I like thinking this way, no. Is it important to have standards in life, yes.

Society has created a version of Mom that no one, and I mean no one on God’s green earth can live up to. Several may make the attempt but only to fail miserably. My kids are healthy, happy and full of life. Those things are what matter as mom.

Admit it, we have all survived on Raman noodles and Vienna sausages a time or two. Our kids have had an extra morning cartoon because mom’s coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. You cancelled that playdate simply because you just didn’t want to go. We can all relate, we can all make judgements, but we all are in the same boat. Why not just admit it and be ok with not being perfect.

Ok, so maybe my afore mentioned appearance description was a little exaggerated, but truth be told, it is closer to the truth than a magazine cover. I like to think that life is to be lived and if a freezer pizza is on the menu for dinner, that’s ok. If the only exercise you get in today is vacuuming, congrats. And I am glad that dreams are free, because shopping my Pinterest boards is not something my bank account would allow.

Yes, preschool moms only want the best for their children but they should want the best for each other also. Let’s cut out the judgmental thinking and critical analysis’. We are who God made us to be, and to be called mom is pretty special. 

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