Sunday, March 19, 2017

Grandma's Rolling Pin

Today there is a gadget for this and a hack for that. Many times things that are simple... so simple, are made complicated for no other reason than to make a buck. A slicer, dicer, blender, shredder... another something to put in the cabinet or cram in a drawer.

My most cherished gadget is my rolling pin. I'm not talking about the one that we got as a wedding gift. When my Gram passed, one of the things I requested was her rolling pin. The wooden roller and red handles are in so many of my childhood memories. The number of cookies and loaves of bread that were produced by this gadget cannot be tallied, but the memories are priceless. To hold a piece of family history that was used with such love, care and intent is an honor.

My Gram and I were close; I was her favorite (everyone knows it) and to put my hands where hers were so many times takes me back. In a way it takes me forward too. The little eyes that watch me intently are creating new memories. As mom, I can delicately shape these times to be real life lessons.

I know each person reading this has that one thing in their life that touches that place in your soul. It is hard to explain, but it's there. Sometimes it'll bring a tear or a little snicker. I like to think of that feeling as a smile from heaven. I hope that you can find yours with peace and happiness.

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